Monday, August 25, 2008

Kitchen Remodel Continues

Worked on the tile over the weekend, and working on it again today (Monday). Hope to begin grouting tomorrow. Jim is gone to Merced to buy a few more trim pieces that we need. Got the eating bar trim corners beveled and installed. The 45 degree angles are easy, the saw adjusts to that and cuts great. Anything else is a hassle. First problem was figuring out what angles were needed. Then how to cut them, given the limited depth of the saw blade. Cut blocks of wood to support the tile on the needed angle, and it worked out.

Update, Wednesday, Aug 27, Got all horizontal areas Grouted yesterday! Tonight I can use the Sink! and Counters! and Stove! Huzzah! It looks really good. Of course the issue with fixing one thing is that the thing next to it, that was fine before, now looks horrid. Painting must happen soon, the floor. . . . we shall see.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Kitchen Remodel Day 5

Paul is Done! Plumbing for new sink hooked up, with only one trip (by me) to the hardware store, all other pieces worked. Continued on with tile, nothing grouted yet, but I'm getting more comfortable with the process, going quicker and with less wear and tear.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kitchen Remodel Day 4

"Yesterday you couldn't spell, "tile layer," now you are one," says Paul Salonen. Is my spelling disability that famous? Oh well. Marble tile counter tops, I'm lovin' it. Paul really encouraged and tutored me, Many Thanks.

New sink installed, backer board in sink area done, progress is amazing.

Kitchen remodel Day 3

Cabinet remodel complete. New configuration trimmed out and Beautiful! Counter substrate installed. Next I'll start on tile in this area, while Paul installs new sink and counter substrate in rest of kitchen. Getting the sink and tile involved two trips to Merced yesterday. The marble stain resistance test involved the three marbles we were considering for the counter tops. The test was dumping wet used tea leaves on the three tiles, leaving them for 3 hours, and wiping off. One of the marbles showed a bad stain spot. The other two were minimally affected. The pink one has a crack that turned dark, but it really looks fine, the dark line is actually pretty. However, the multi-colored beige is the choice. The pink is very pretty, but just not the right color for the kitchen.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kitchen Remodel Day 2

The cabinets on one side of the kitchen have been reconfigured. The pantry cupboard has been cut up and reworked to make regular lower cabinets and an upper cabinet about 16" deep. The microwave upper has been moved to a better location and a shelf for the micro installed. Paul Salonen is the magician making it happen. I'm going to have more work space for cooking and especially baking, and the feel is much more spacious.

For pictures, check this out,
Kitchen Remodel Day 2

Kitchen Remodel, Day 1, Moving Out

I want Counter Space! But first space must be made. Archeology must occur. Things unseen must be brought to light.

Patio Camping Begins.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Historic Mariposa Masonic Lodge

First we have a photo from the 1930's of the Masonic Lodge in Mariposa.

Then we have an animation showing proposed renovations to historical Masonic Lodge in Mariposa. The lower floor will be an office or retail space in the front, and restaurant space in the back.

The needed foundation improvements are nearing completion, giving the building a new lease on life. Additional structural improvements will make the building more useful, as well as improving resistance to earthquake, fire and water damage.

The building is owned by the Rural Media Arts and Eduction Project, which provides independent, educational, foreign, and other significant films to Mariposa County through the Sixth Street Cinema. They also provide a literacy project to young children, showing free films and giving free related books to children in the community.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Goal: Carbon Neutral Buildings

OK, that is a clunky title, but it does indicate what we need to work toward.

Here is an ad that expresses the possibility of changing direction.

Photovoltaics on all buildings would be a huge step in the right direction. This is what we should be investing in, not drilling, which can only cause long term harm to the air, land and water.