Thursday, January 24, 2008


The chickens are in integral part of the garden. They till and enrich the soil, and provide pest management services. They can also destroy a garden in a day. So, how to have chickens in the garden, when and where they are needed, not eating the tender young shoots of the baby crops?

The chickens also need to be protected from predators.

I have a 3 part system for managing the chickens.

Part 1, Chicken Fortress. Provides safety during the night when raccoons, bobcats, and other dangerous beasts are about.

Part 2 is the Daytime Paradise. Mobile, but bulky and heavy. Provides shade, rain protection, hawk protection, keeps the chickens on the job, not out hiding eggs under the deck and scratching up the flower beds.

Part 3 Transfer Pen. Lightweight and easy to move. Chickens walk along inside the pen as I drag it. It took 2 days to train them to go into the transfer pen went I opened the door, they are easier to train than I thought they would be.